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silkscreen rack2
Oil and Silkscreen on Board (w photo) 16x20"
Sanctuary Mural

The 16×20″ paintings on wood are $550 each, the 2’x3′ paintings on canvas are the same; 3’x3′ paintings on canvas are $800 each. The silkscreens on paper are $100 each and the photos are $20. Please drop me a line if you’re interested in seeing anything in person – it’s always difficult to tell if you really like something from a photo.

Closeup on Text Red Hearts Big Red
Red with Green Feathers The Red Line It's Not Easy Being Green

I’ve talked with many of you about my new series of paintings, but I wanted to tell everybody how excited I am about these new pieces. Please click on any of the thumbnails above to see larger photos.

They’re 11″x14″ on wood panel, with silkscreen and enamel. I’d first started working on these maybe three years ago, silkscreening layer upon layer upon layer. I was never really happy with them, and then I screened an opaque cream layer over almost the entire surface – and then I really didn’t like them!

So, I put them in a stack in the back of a closet and pretty much forgot about them until I was doing some cleaning about two months ago. I found them and thought, well, at least I can re-use the wood panels… So I started to sand them down and found, to my great joy and surprise, that the sanding process brought out a beautiful combination of layers, colors, and patterns.

After sanding all five of them, I decided to do a single layer of silkscreen on top, in black – it’s the line drawing you’ll see with the text from a chant inside, “I am love and you are love, we are love, all is love.”

I was really happy with them and walked out of the studio thinking they were done. A few days later I was sitting a five day silent meditation retreat (yay!) and suddenly saw them with additional detailing in enamel which would bring a beautiful contrast between the creamy matte background and a more colorful and shiny foreground (setting up background/foreground contrast is easy when you work representationally, you can just do it with content – not so easy for us abstract folks).

So – I hope you like, they’re priced to move at only $150 each – send me an e-mail at sadiesketch@yahoo.com if you’re interested (I’m happy to tell you more about them or arrange to show them to you if you’re in NYC).

Thanks for reading and looking, Sadie ūüôā

Hi all – scroll down for general blog – photos, notes, rants, and miscellaneous finds (you really, really, need to watch the Muppets video posted Aug 26th). Drop me a line and let me know what you think, or if you are interested in a piece. Or you can visit another Sadie Rosenthal, or another. Please note that the pieces located on these pages are highlights.

And for you true Fraggle freaks (I love you one and all), here’s a favorite Cantus clip (he shows up about 3 min in if you’re impatient and want to scroll ahead…) –

For some reason, I think – both because I was getting a little bored doing what I know how to do well and needed a challenge; and because I’m somewhat masochistic – I decided a while ago to do a couple of portraits.¬† An absolutely gorgeous friend of mine sat for some photos back in January, and I’ve been working on two 2’x3′ oils from that shoot for a bit.¬† It’s been interesting and challenging, frustrating and… and I’ve walked away from them for a bit, come back etc…¬† Just spent some good time on one of them today something really shifted.¬† There are still some drawing problems – the face is still too wide, and not quite long enough, but something came alive in the eyes today (and even though I’m still having problems with the lips, she is starting to smile…).

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks – the silkscreen lab closed today for the winter break and I was trying to get a bunch of stuff finished before they shut the doors at 7pm.¬†¬†Didn’t quite happen (somehow I always want time for just one more screen…), but I got a lot done.¬†

I’m a little fried right now, so I’m not going to edit and post everything, but here are some of the very preliminary sketches for the SUNY Albany Hillel mural.¬†

I’ll try and get the others posted soon, but it may not happen until I’m back from¬†Elat Chayyim on the 30th, we’ll see…¬†

Quote of the day “Singing opera made me good at painting.” – Homer Simpson

Out wandering today, mostly in SOHO, a bit in the Village – first day of snow, and pretty cold for much of it (seemed to get warmer as the day went on…).

Fell asleep last night watching Zeek sleep (there are new pics of him too in Flickr for those of you who just need more cat pictures). Is there anything better than watching a cat sleep? Moving from light sleep to deep he gives one long exhale then doesn’t breathe in for a long time. His paws start to twitch – I always wonder what he’s chasing – what is he trying to destroy, the little devil? His ears twitch – chasing dream birds? dream mice? dream nth dimensional cat toys (those things he chases when awake that we mere humans can’t see).

On the subway home today I was re-reading a Pema Chodron and found the most wonderful thought – “The Buddhist teachings tell us that over the course of many lifetimes all¬† beings have been our mothers.¬† At one time, all these people have sacrified their own comfort for our well-being, and vice versa.”¬† I read it and kept going, then went back – what an incredibly radical statement.¬† Can you imagine what the world would look like if we took it seriously?¬† What would a daily commute on the subway look like?¬† What would simple interactions in a store look like?¬† There couldn’t be such a thing as road rage.¬† Crime wouldn’t exist – it just wouldn’t make sense.¬† Wouldn’t happen.¬† And war?!?¬† Hell’s bells, it even improved my mood towards my ex-husband!

Speaking of all my moms, in all our lives, I spent the evening with about ten tonight, women who I have the privilege to spend some time with once a month at the BJ/SPSA shelter.¬† Thursday isn’t my usual night, but they always need extra hands around the holidays, and I wasn’t traveling, so I was happy to help out.¬† Last night I was out with some friends watching them blow up the balloons for the parade, and we got into a “what are you grateful for” conversation, and I thought I’d come up with a fairly decent list, but tonight I have a whole new realm to add.¬†

I got to the shelter early, but about half our guests were already there waiting.¬† I was confused, but ok – whatever.¬† It turns out the bus driver who picks them up from their day placement didn’t feel like waiting around so he picked them up and dropped them off an hour and a half early.¬† Which means that they had to spend an hour and a half sitting on wooden pews and couldn’t go downstairs until one of the volunteers showed up.

In my list of things I’m grateful for, it didn’t even occur to me to put ‘the ability to move around freely.’¬† I didn’t have to ask permission to leave my apartment and head into the city, I didn’t have to sign any paperwork to leave when my shift was done, I just walked out the door and got on the subway.¬† So right now I am incredibly aware of, and grateful for, the simple freedom of being able to move around the world as I wish.

Completely unrelated – for someone who didn’t used to cook (hells bells, for someone who lived in an apartment in DC for four years without having the gas turned on for the stove!), I’m getting pretty good at this.¬† I made a killer lasagna today – zucchini, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, fresh oregano, mozzarella, provolone – I’m bringing leftovers to Romemu tomorrow night, so if you weren’t thinking of coming, you might want to re-think that…¬†

Sending blessings and peace, and much love.  Have a good night, wherever you are.